Nothing comes from Nothing  (Blog)

Read our new Solicitor, Louisa Bestford of Major Family Law’s latest blog:

When I first joined LinkedIn some years ago my efforts were at best lacklustre. However, over the past two years I’ve developed an active account that’s updated daily with regular posts, shares and likes and I now find myself connected to a virtual world of interesting folk. Indeed my LinkedIn account has now become my go-to business card and my little black book of connections and referrers of work.

I’m too old to class myself as a “Millennial” who are just too busy to network and do things the old fashioned ways but I also recognise that time is precious and cramming in the occasional breakfast meet, post the school run, isn’t really a good way to develop and nurture new connections.

Slogans shared by LinkedIn include, ‘Connections make anything possible’, ‘Relationships matter-build yours’ and ‘Everyday is a new opportunity’. Two years ago I considered statements such as this to be hyperbole; I couldn’t see how linking- in with a group of strangers could generate new leads and business relationships. I guessed those that posted weren’t as busy as I was and therefore saw little mileage in joining the LinkedIn club!

Yet this is my first week as Assistant Solicitor at Major Family Law. Joanne Major and I had never crossed paths yet my journey to their bourgeoning, well regarded team in Ponteland originated via this very platform. My regular posts and Family Law blogs were being noticed by Joanne who’s been a keen ambassador of social media platforms to drive her brand for some years now and so she got in touch….

LinkedIn really is Big Brother watching but if you want your connections to know who you are and what you’re about get linking-in – it won’t go unnoticed!