Lewis Hulatt, Consultant Solicitor based in Surrey, of Major Family Law, the divorce and family law specialists, comments:

Four years ago, I was watching Olympic football at St James’s Park and saw the boys from Brazil in the men’s competition. We also saw women’s football back in 2012 and the standard had already risen tremendously from when the idea of a woman footballer was a novelty as it was in 1992 when ‘Born Kicking’ was made on that premise. As with other TV football dramas of that era, it involved Woking FC.  The goalkeeper, Laurence Batty is on IMDB as a result and Mandie Fletcher directed.   Arguably, Mandie’s greatest contribution to British TV must be her iconic ‘Blackadder’, the first series of which was filmed partly in Northumberland bringing North and South together as the writer, Ben Elton, was at Godalming College, Surrey.   I mention this about women’s competitive team sport because on Sunday, in the 2016 Olympics, we got enthused by women’s sevens rugby, watching Team GB set up a final clash the Kiwis.  Winning a cup final turns players into ‘legends’.   A long time ago, Lawrence Dallaglio and I both trained at Surrey University sports centre – his side were not performing well and despite his stature, he was ‘fair game’ for mickey taking in the changing room. That rather changed when he was a key member of the team that won the Rugby World Cup.

Trophy-winning goalkeeper Lawrence ‘Lol’ Batty, as well as finding himself name-checked on IMDB, had other claims to fame and having a father who scored a number hit singles, himself netted a winning goal against the Kuwait international side.  One of his dad’s hits was ‘Lost in France’ which must have inspired Roy Hodgson this summer.

Back then, Lol Batty asked me if I would become a football agent as there were playing contracts to sort out, but primarily a family lawyer, I passed the opportunity.   I wonder how life would have been different if I hadn’t – perhaps the glamour of negotiations with The Magpies (Dorchester Town) or doing deals at Scunthorpe (where Tinie Tempah hadn’t been) or gracing the San Siro? (Welling United).  From San Siro to Scunthorpe sounds like a Toon player’s career over four years…

The family lawyer team at Major Family Law have been through a few Olympiads and with hard work will help achieve a Personal Best…

…and not take four years.

Go Team GB!