When parties separate, the question of managing your finances on a day-to-day basis can arise, particularly where one of the parties does not work and/or has the main care for the children of the family. While both parties are still alive, a spouse or former spouse has a claim for spousal maintenance (also called periodical payments) until the Court makes an Order dismissing their claim or until they remarry.

If the higher-earning party does not make reasonable financial provision for the other in the period immediately after separation, the party in need can apply to the court for an Immediate Interim Spousal Maintenance Order (also called Maintenance Pending Outcome of Proceedings).

The payer may be found liable to pay the other party’s legal costs if they have been unreasonable. The Order can also include a provision for the payer to make an ongoing contribution to the other party’s future legal costs. For more information around the legal costs associated with pursuing a Spousal Maintenance Order, please head to our Contact page and get in touch. A member of our team of leading family solicitors will be in touch to discuss your situation with you.

These Court Orders usually last until a Final Order is made dealing with all of the financial issues.

How much you can expect to receive is subject to a number of factors. You should seek expert legal advice as soon as possible in this respect. Major Family Law are one of the best family law firms in the North East. We are a boutique firm specialising in matters of family law and we have a wealth of experience in dealing with Interim Spousal Maintenance Orders and all matters of divorce and splitting up. Our affordable and friendly team can help you through the whole process of your separation. Please get in touch today for a free 45-minute consultation.