It is becoming increasingly common upon the breakdown of a relationship or marriage for one parent to want to take their child to live abroad with them.  This can be for any number of reasons (eg. work or to return to the parent’s country of origin) and can be either at the time the relationship breaks down or any time later.

This page is about Planned Relocation – please refer to our Child Abduction page if necessary.

In order for you to move abroad permanently with your child, you will need the permission of the other parent and all/any other persons with parental responsibility.  If the other parent will not provide permission then you will need to obtain permission from the Court, applying for a “relocation application” or “leave to remove”.

Planned Relocation

As with child abduction, steps can be taken in advance to reduce the likelihood of a successful relocation application.

Similarly, the prospects of successfully obtaining permission to relocate a child are significantly increased by careful planning and preparation.

Child relocation can be a particularly stressful and emotive issue.  We can support you throughout.

We can and routinely do act for either party in such cases and in particular provide:

  • assistance with the careful planning and preparation of the application
  • submission of the application on your behalf
  • defence of your application on your behalf, which requires particular experience and planning
  • advise and support throughout Court proceedings.

We also deal with international divorce.