If you choose Major Family Law, you are assured of being represented by a very experienced motor offence solicitor.

Free Initial Consultation

Whatever your problem, we offer a free initial 45 minute consultation when we will discuss the alleged offence, advise you on your options, and explain how we charge for our work.

Fixed Fees and Hourly Rates

In most cases, after the initial free consultation, we will be able to offer you the option of a fixed fee rate for all the work involved. That way you can be sure at the start of your case how much it is going to cost at each stage of the process. If we are unable to do this (for example because the case involves unusual or complex issues), or if you prefer to pay our fees on the traditional basis, then our costs will be charged at £270.00 per hour + VAT. In non-fixed fee cases we will provide you with an estimated range of our likely total costs, and explain why our fees may fall at the upper or lower end of that range. This will be discussed with you in detail at your initial free consultation.

The type of factors that influence the total costs are:

  • Whether you are pleading guilty or not guilty
  • How much evidence is included in the prosecution case
  • Whether expert evidence is required
  • Whether you will call witnesses to give evidence in your defence
  • Whether the prosecution are prepared to accept a guilty plea to an alternative charge
  • Whether a guilty plea to a different set of facts may be advisable

Summary Offences: Guilty and Not-Guilty Pleas

Guilty Pleas:

If you plead guilty we can advise you in relation to any mitigation arguments, including hardship and/or ‘special reasons’. If requested we will represent you at court.

Not Guilty pleas:

If you plead not guilty we can represent you at the initial hearing when you enter your plea. The case will be adjourned to a later date and we will deal with any issues raised by the court, prepare your defence and represent you at the trial. If you are acquitted that will be an end to the matter, if convicted a sentence will either be given immediately following the trial or, if probation reports are required, sentencing may be adjourned to a later date.

Average Range of Our Costs

We will discuss at your initial free consultation whether we are able to offer you a fixed fee price, in advance, for all the work involved.

Matter Services we Provide Average Range of Costs
All 45 minute consultation to discuss the alleged offence, advise on your options, and discuss alternative funding arrangements. Free of charge
Fixed Penalty Unit Liaison
  • Agreeing a Speed Awareness Course instead of being charged with an offence.
  • Considering substitution of one charge for another.
  • Assisting with Summary Justice Procedures and fixed penalties when not required to attend court.
Between £250 and £350 + VAT
Guilty Pleas Taking your instructions, advising and providing written mitigation on your behalf for the court and CPS. Between £550 and £750 + VAT
Taking your instructions, advising and representing you at Court to prepare mitigation and possible sentencing recommendations. Where applicable liaising with the CPS/PLP before the hearing. Between £750 and £1,000 + VAT
Taking instructions and advising you in relation to running an Exceptional Hardship or Special Reasons argument. Interviewing witnesses. Obtaining and reviewing any written evidence. Preparing arguments. Representing you at a single special reasons hearing. Between £850 and £1,000 + VAT
Not Guilty Pleas: Low complexity cases Such as low level speeding, low reading excess alcohol or drug driving, driving without insurance, failing to stop or report. Taking instructions, advising you and representing you at a single hearing (up to a full day). Between £750 and £1,500 + VAT
Not Guilty Pleas: High complexity cases Such as complex/dangerous speeding offences, high reading excess alcohol or drug driving. Taking instructions, advising you and representing you at a single hearing (up to a full day). Between £1,500 and £3,000 + VAT

The above costs assume the matter is dealt with at a single hearing within the jurisdiction of the courts of Northumbria. If extra days are added to the hearing, for example if new evidence is introduced during the trial which we need time to review or for which an expert report is required there will be additional costs which we will discuss with you.


The above costs do not include disbursements, which are fees paid to third parties. Typical disbursements are the cost of obtaining expert reports to support your defence for example from doctors, psychologists, forensic-scientists, road traffic accident investigators, motor mechanics, engineers etc.

We will always advise on whether it is advisable to obtain a report, and get suitable quotes for you to agree before commissioning one. The costs vary depending on the type and complexity. A simple GP report may only be about £100 + VAT whilst a simple psychological assessment is generally between £750 and £1,500 + VAT. If a report is going to secure a reduction in sentence, or even an acquittal it will generally be worth obtaining one.

Travel Time

Our travel time is charged at £125.00 per hour + VAT, fuel charges by car at 0.45p per mile + VAT, plus parking fees where applicable. If our specialist solicitors are instructed to act for clients outside the region we may need to charge travel costs to court by train or plane and/or taxi plus overnight hotel stays. We will always advise you on these costs in advance once we know where your case is to be heard.