Members of the Major Family Law team provide information and advice on a range of family law issues.

Dealing with pensions and divorce

How pensions are addressed when a couple divorce.

How to negotiate a financial settlement

We discuss what the outcome might be when negotiating a financial settlement.

What to do if you’re too ill to attend court

What process you should follow if you feel you’re too ill to attend court.

What to expect when attending family court

We discuss what typically happens on the day you attend court.

Major family Law: Where we’re based

Find out more about where are offices are and the geographic regions we cover.

Trainee solicitor law career journey

One of our trainee solicitors discusses her route to becoming a trainee solicitor.

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Relocating with a child

How to consider and approach the significant step of relocating with your child.

The financial process following divorce

The process for sharing financial information between a couple and agreeing on the division of assets.

What is meant by disclosure?

We explain what disclosure is, and why it is often needed when agreeing finances following a divorce.

Property rights for unmarried couples

What your options might be if you separate and have jointly owned property.

Our free 45 minute consultation

We explain how our free consultation works and the benefits it offers.

3 things to know about divorce

Some important but often misunderstood considerations regarding divorce.

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