Major Family Law is a top family law firm specialising in matters of Expat divorce and separation, child and parental disputes, property disputes, and international relocation. Our team are some of the best separation and international divorce solicitors in the North East.

Major Family Law recognises that modern life increasingly involves an international element. Within family proceedings, this can mean one party residing abroad (Expats), having property, business or other assets abroad, or a party wanting to relocate (with or without children) abroad. Should you be in need of advice or representation to do with international family law matters, we offer a free 45-minute initial consultation. We are able to provide legal advice and support around:

Our team are highly experienced in dealing with cases which involve cross-border and international aspects. For the purposes of family law jurisdiction, anything outside of England & Wales is classed as cross-border and is subject to different laws. Contact our office today for your FREE 45-minute consultation with a lawyer who is most qualified to deal with your specific issue.

For additional support in international Spanish speaking jurisdictions, please click HERE. We also have connections with Spanish firm, ALC Abogados, whose details can be provided.