At Major Family Law, our international divorce solicitors have had many clients who are Expats, work out of the country for business, live abroad or have moved away from the UK.

Family Proceedings, such as divorce, are based on ‘jurisdiction’ which varies depending on the particular laws that apply to the issue at hand, such as:

  • Children
  • Property
  • Relationship breakdown

These areas may be affected differently depending on the physical location of the parties. Our boutique family law firm has extensive experience of dealing with divorces where the two parties are in different locations.

Major Family Law is one of the best rated family law firms in the north east of England, and we have the experience and expertise in International Family Law and Expat Divorce; we can provide a first class service to you, no matter your location.

If your husband or wife have left the country and taken your child with them without your prior knowledge or consent, then you need to seek legal advice immediately. Please call our dedicated team on 01661 824582; we can arrange a FREE 45-minute consultation with you to discuss your case, your needs and how to move forward. Or, for more information head to our child abduction page to learn more about international child abduction and how it works.