Driving, or attempting to drive, under the influence of drugs, or being in charge of a motor vehicle on a public road with drugs in your system is a criminal offence, as set out by the Road Traffic Act 1988. In 2015, the enforcement of drug driving offences are now in line with that of drink driving, and you can be issued with the same fines, bans or prison sentences.

Major Family Law are one of the leading family law firms in the North East. We provide an unrivalled service to all of our clients who have been charged with motoring or road traffic offences, including drink driving or drug driving. If you have been charged with drug driving and you are in need of legal representation, please get in touch today and arrange your FREE 45-minute initial consultation.

How can we help?

Depending on the severity of your offence, the courts will consider a range of punishments from a fine, to driving disqualification to a custodial sentence.

Should your drink driving case be taken to court, our expert driving lawyers will consider all of the evidence available and construct effective and bespoke representation for you.

We understand the importance of your drivers license and ensuring that you are not disqualified; we will construct a defence that aims to prevent you from losing your license. This may involve pleading guilty and attending a Drink Drivers Rehabilitation Scheme.

Our fees

Our motor offence solicitor fees are clearly laid out on our Funding Your Case page. Please head over to see our dedicated fee structure for representing you following a drink driving conviction.

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