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Financial Orders are court orders that can help you to recover any assets which are rightfully yours after a divorce or vary the terms of the settlement in light of a change in your financial circumstances. We offer a FREE 45-minute consultation either on the phone, over Zoom or in person, to discuss your current situation and talk you through the application process for either:

After a divorce, it’s sometimes necessary to change or enforce the terms of a financial settlement. This might come about because either your or your former partner has changed jobs, or you have come into a significant windfall and you can’t afford to pay your spousal maintenance or financial settlement. Or, you may need to reduce or temporarily end the payments after a significant reduction in income.

If your ex-partner currently owes you spousal maintenance payments, then seeking enforcement of financial consent order can help you recover what’s lawfully yours. The court can use its powers to order the payment or recovery of your assets. By applying to the court, you may even be able to force the sale of a property or other assets you are owed.

We understand that you want to get your life and finances back on track as soon as possible after divorce.  We are one of the leading and best law firms in the north east and we can provide you with the right advice to guide you through the process and will work to help you secure a court order that’s as beneficial for you as possible. You can contact us by telephone on 01661 824582 or complete our online contact form today to arrange your FREE 45-minute confidential and no-obligation consultation with one of the leading family law firms in the north east.