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Major Family Law is 15! Our journey to success and lessons we can share

I first opened the doors to the offices of Major Family Law on the 1st of April, 15 years ago. Prior to that I had…

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Cafcass ‘outstanding’ declares Ofsted

The Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service has been rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted. The Service is more commonly known as Cafcass. In a…

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Senior judge considers the role of AI in law courts

The second most senior judge in England and Wales pondered the potential and pitfalls of AI in a recent speech at the Manchester Law Society.…

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Many children not asked how they feel in family disputes

Close to half of children involved in family disputes are never asked how they feel about the situation, or what their wishes might be, according…

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What are the different legal routes to resolving a family dispute?

When you are going through relationship breakdown, getting the right lawyer to support your unique set of circumstances who understands your goals is crucial. Disputes…

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Can I see my child if I have a non-molestation order?

Fundamentally, a non-molestation order protects the individual who made the application by preventing an abuser from using or threatening physical violence, intimidating, harassing, pestering, and…

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Women’s income falls more than men’s after divorce

Wives are, on average, significantly worse off than men following divorce, according to recent findings. London-based Opinium Research polled a representative sample of 2,750 divorced…

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Transparency project extended to 16 new courts

A pilot scheme which enables direct reporting on family cases has been extended to 16 more courts. The Transparency Implementation Group Reporting Pilot or TIG…

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Is there ever a better time to separate or divorce?

Separating from your partner is a huge decision, but if you are feeling unhappy in your relationship, you may find yourself wistfully asking the question;…

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I am in a new relationship: do I have to reveal details of our financial circumstances

You might do, if your financial needs have significantly changed as a result of your new relationship. Setting up home with a new partner can…

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How to divorce your partner if they won’t engage in the process

Following the high-profile case of Owens v Owens, where a husband refused to agree to the wife’s divorce petition, the law was changed to prevent…

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Costs order made after failed attempt to delay payment

A divorced husband has been ordered to pay his ex-wife’s legal costs. He had failed to persuade a family court to let him extend the…

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“Hugely impressed by Joanne Major’s drive, vision, and meticulous attention to detail”

I’ve always been hugely impressed by Joanne Major’s drive, vision, and meticulous attention to detail. I’m not surprised, therefore, that Joanne and her dedicated team of lawyers and support staff have rapidly gained recognition as one of the most forward-looking, innovative, client-focussed family practices in the country.


Former Family Law Barrister

“A wealth of collaborative experience”

Joanne Major has a wealth of collaborative experience. Her delivery is strong and confident with a no nonsense approach that I came to trust. This is invaluable when clarity and action is required. Major Family Law were highly recommended to me and I would have no hesitation to pass that recommendation on.

Christine Nugent

Managing Director, Business Travel

“Family lawyer of high calibre and drive”

Having worked with Joanne Major at a large commercial firm some years ago, I am aware she is a family lawyer of high calibre and drive. During a short period of time she has put together an excellent team of intelligent, approachable lawyers who deliver first rate family law services to clients. We as a firm are happy to recommend them.

Paul McGowan

Principal Solicitor, Collingwood Legal

“Both knowledgeable and approachable family lawyers”

We are happy to endorse the services provided by Joanne Major and the team at Major Family Law, Ponteland. We have a number of mutual clients who speak very highly of them. They are both knowledgeable and approachable family lawyers who are clearly client focussed.

Andrew Morgan

Partner, Nicholson & Morgan

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