Lewis Hulatt, Consultant Solicitor with Major family Law, the best Divorce and Family Law specialist solicitors, who is based in Surrey, comments:

I used to buy veg from the Lineker family stall on Leicester market and successfully bid for a piece of football memorabilia Gary donated to a charity auction.   I am disappointed that somebody whom I admire should utter triteness of the degree reported.

“Generally speaking it’s very easy to get married and very difficult to get divorced”

Newspapers report that Gary and Gabrielle had a minimal private ceremony, although the reception was reported as costing £250,000.   The attitude of those involved make all the difference to the cost over what is necessary – the essential ceremony itself is cheap, but people choose to spend lavishly.

He contrasts this with ‘very difficult’ divorce. It is reported they used the online divorce process which is replacing courts. For somebody as tech-savvy as Gary I am surprised that he found that ‘difficult’ if there was full cooperation.

Even with legal help, obtaining a piece of paper altering marital status often costs less than the average wedding photography.

Gary’s been warned

“I think there should be a mathematical equation that goes straight to the courts and they sort it out.”

Lineker has over-hit the ball. He’s gone in for a 50/50…

The rather well-funded folk at FIFA cannot devise and retain an offside rule that is always predictable and fair.   With every pass, deflection and tackle recorded, there is still debate, giving Gary a well-remunerated job.   A straight fifty-fifty of everything owned is ‘simple’, but would that always be fair?

“And we know that lawyers try to manipulate it to make you spend more money and basically end up hating each other.”

Straight red! Disaster for the England Captain…

I encourage understanding of what went wrong for a couple, not apportioning blame and demonising the other person.   I haven’t seen Gary demonising Danielle either.

Even with residual good will, financial arrangements need to be sorted out, both in accordance with legal principles and also respecting the choices of those involved.    The couple’s own understanding of ‘fairness’ comes into it and I work with that.

MFL is a modern family law firm and we assist separated people sort out financial arrangements to get fair, well-considered documented outcomes.   Getting the piece of paper to get divorced should not be ‘difficult’ and former couples who are cooperative do not have to spend excessive amounts.

I cannot vouch for wedding-planners.