Newcastle’s Top Divorce and Family Law Specialist, Joanne Major comments researchers from Lancaster University report that domestic abuse increases during England World Cup football matches – especially if the English team loses.

Following a study which spanned the last three World Cup tournaments, it has been  revealed that the average number of domestic violence incidents on days when England plays is 79.3 in comparison to the average of 58.2 when the team does not play.  There is also a carry-on effect with domestic abuse incidents the day after an England match being 11% higher.  The increase in the incidents is generally higher when the team loses as opposed to a win or draw being secured.

A police officer in the report states, “The World Cup appears to be a reason for many to party, however, delight and expectation can turn into despair and conflict with the kick of a ball”.

Domestic abuse should not be tolerated whenever it occurs and the researchers hope that the findings will be significant in discovering new ways to tackle domestic violence and so reduce the misery suffered by its victims.