First impressions matter. It may be a truism: but it’s also true! Here at Major Family Law we’ve worked hard to make sure our offices send the right message to new clients when they walk through our doors: crisp and professional but also warm and welcoming. When it comes to office décor, I have found that the legal sector all too often puts all the emphasis on the first of those factors and forgets the second.

Consulting a family solicitor is not like going to see your bank manger to discuss an overdraft. Frequently the client sitting on the other side of the meeting room table will be there to discuss some of the most personal and distressing issues in their lives – they need to feel comfortable doing so. So we make sure offices are not just offices but welcoming and calming spaces too.

Our style is a blend of clean whites and creams with warm golden tones, soft silver, brown leather and leaf. Soft music and carefully honed lighting add to the ambience. Clients seem to recognise our efforts. One Google review noted that:

“Upon walking in you are made to feel welcome, the office is beautifully decorated and you would expect it may be on the more expensive side due to the decor and service from first impressions”

Another kind client went out of their way to express their appreciation:

“People don’t tend to mention the environment in which you meet solicitors and lawyers. I think this is really important to flag up here as Major Family Law have the most beautiful, calming room as a waiting area. There’s stunning contemporary landscape paintings on opposite walls that draw you in. There’s gentle music in the background, soft lighting, wonderful smells. It’s an incredibly calming and reflective space and not one I’d have expected to find in a law firm. But it works.”

High praise indeed.