Lucinda Connell, North East’s Leading Female Specialist Family Lawyer of Major Family Law, specialist divorce and children solicitors based in Ponteland, Newcastle upon Tyne states a group of divorcees who consider that they have suffered unfairly in the divorce courts have joined forces to help other women avoid their own plight and to change the system which they believe has let them down.

The Telegraph reports that high profile divorcees Michelle Young, Vivien Hobbs and Janna Kremen have formed what they describe as ‘the First Wives Club’. The group was more previously called the
Michelle Young Foundation and its stated mission is to highlight the injustice of non-disclosure laws which, it says, ‘allow the earning spouse in a divorce to make bald-face lies about their assets’. The Telegraph report quotes a Ministry of Justice spokesperson who said:

Family courts require full disclosure of assets in divorce proceedings, separations and dissolutions of civil partnerships. If a party is found to have hidden assets from the court they can be charged with contempt of court, which can be punished by a fine or imprisonment. Judgments are a matter for the independent Family Court judges who take into account the full facts of the case.”