Role at Major Family Law

Already an experienced family-law solicitor of many years’ experience, Lewis  joined Major Family Law in Spring 2016 as a consultant working on cases in the South East/Surrey as well as remotely for their North East clients. Having trained and worked as a mediator alongside his work as a solicitor, he often advises on resolving disputes outside of the court process.

Lewis practises in all areas of family law but has particular experience in matrimonial finance, including property, pension and family business issues. His skill at turning amicable agreements into binding settlements without damaging what can be a fragile peace between separating people is recognised by his colleagues as a particular strength. He also has experience of trans-national finance, multi-jurisdictional divorce and children cases. Lewis also advises on TOLATA claims between unmarried couples which can run alongside Schedule 1 proceedings when there are children.

Lewis recognises that the “traditional” solicitor-client relationship of full representation does not suit all.  Unlike some other solicitors, Lewis is willing to accept a limited retainer and with his considerable experience can just “do what is actually needed”.   Lewis is happy to give paid advice to assist Litigants in Person with specific or unusual family law queries, draft necessary court documents and statements, give advice regarding proposals for settlement or offer a second-opinion or explanation, often for an agreed fee rather than the usual open-ended hourly rate if full representation is not affordable/necessary.
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The Legal 500

In the latest edition of the Legal 500 Lewis is listed as being known for being straight-talking, extremely perceptive and principled in his approach towards family law.

Lewis Hulatt- Legal500 Profile


As part of law reform, Lewis was invited to assist with the ongoing work of the Pension Advisory Group as an experienced family law practitioner and has been involved in a number of books on law, practice and precedent – his work finding its way into The Law Society’s “Family Finance Toolkit”.  As an experienced solicitor, part of his consultancy portfolio has been involvement with training and working as an assessor with such institutions as the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILeX) who provide an alternative route to legal practice.

“Working with clients, not just for them” is something Lewis adopts as his approach to family law consultancy as he recognises that getting a positive outcome is a team effort which must involve the person at the centre who lives with the consequences long after the deal is done.

Lewis is regarded by both his peers in the South East and his longstanding client base as being a straight-talking, perceptive Family Lawyer who adopts a pragmatic, yet principled approach in all family matters.

Outside of work

Over the years, Lewis has a wide variety of interests, having been involved in community theatre as writer, director, performer and organiser, been a member of the British Guild of Beer Writers, founded both a Community Mediation Service and football supporters trust and immersed himself in high art and popular music.  He has too many books and a mere 9,815 tracks on his iPod.  He also cooks.

Lewis qualified in 1988.