Newcastle’s Top Children’s Specialist lawyer, Anna Hunter comments on Friday 16th August 2013 the popular television programme “Daybreak” looked at the impact of conflict between separated parents on the wellbeing of children.

The show spoke with a Child Psychologist from the States, Dr Edward Farber.

Dr Farber who published a book in January 2013 called “Raising the Kid You Love With the Ex You Hate” gave practical advice on how rowing couples should treat each other like business associates to reduce disagreements and successfully co-parent children. Dr Farber’s advice is that you don’t have to like your ex but you must work with them to create the best home life and upbringing for your children.

This is a view shared by the courts in England & Wales.  Within the last 2-3 years there has been an increase in the number of referrals Judges have made requiring separated parents to complete a “Separated Parents Information Programme”.  This programme is aimed at providing practical guidance and advice to assist parents in reducing the animosity and conflict following the breakdown of their relationship.

Interestingly, Daybreak also interviewed the mother of two children who spoke of the unconventional approach a Judge had taken in her case.  The Judge suggested that she and her ex should confine their communication regarding the children to twitter so that the 140 character limit would prevent disagreements getting out of hand!

For more information on the Separated Parents Information Programme follow the link below to the Children and Family Court Advisory Service website:

Dr Farber’s interview on Daybreak can be found using the link below: