I am now, just like almost all my colleagues here at Major Family Law, working from home, alongside my husband and two teenage children. It does present challenges but with a little organisation and a few ground rules I would describe the situation as – so far so good!

Some things that have worked so far:

  1. We each have our own working space, however small,
  2. We get up as if it were a regular school or work day. So far this rule has been better adhered to by me and my husband than our youngest teenager – but I live in hope!
  3. We have signs on the doors of the rooms my husband and I are working in to signal that we are in a meeting. The girls think this is ridiculous – but they will hopefully learn a little about daily work life routines and the need for confidentiality. They may start to grasp the fact that that not everything can be dealt with immediately. ‘What’s for lunch?’ is not a question requiring an urgent response!
  4. I had a First Hearing and Dispute Resolution Appointment (FHDRA) by telephone this week, which was quick and efficient. There was a disputed issue so submissions were required and the judge was able to make an interim order. I appreciate the “court process” is evolving daily but it was good for my client to be able to keep things moving. Meanwhile my youngest was under strict instructions to cease her practice of the toilet roll challenge, something which has kept her busy since schools closed and which she tells me is an important part of her PE homework!
  5. As a firm we are checking in with each other regularly. It’s important to stay in touch, keep each other informed and continue sharing ideas and updates. It could be easy just to focus on what we are all doing as individuals but we make a conscious effort to stay in regular contact and offer support to the skeleton staff remaining in the office for whom work must feel very strange. We’re very grateful to Helen, Claire and Jenny who are keeping the cogs turning!

In the meantime, let’s see how things are on Day 10 ….

Anna Hunter is director of Major Family Law