Article in Pont News & Views

After the hustle and bustle of Christmas and the celebrations of the New Year it often seems that come February the festive season is a distant memory.  I for one have already broken the resolutions I made with good intentions and high hopes just one month before but in the words of Alexander Pope ‘to err is human’.

Making resolutions at the start of a new year helps us to identify the areas of our lives where we would like to make positive changes and redirect our energy towards new opportunities.  It is important not to lose sight of that.

This February instead of reproaching myself for my lack of resolve I intend to focus with renewed intent on the goals I hope to achieve this year.  Spring is on the horizon, a season renowned for the changes it brings and I am also encouraged that this year the Chinese New Year is 10th February, so perhaps we can all make a fresh start from then!

Here at Major Family Law we assist people who are often experiencing the most difficult and challenging changes of their lives, following the breakdown of a relationship.  We pride ourselves on being a specialist family law practice that provides a first class service to our clients who are treated at all times with respect, compassion and professionalism.

It may be that you are experiencing similar changes in your life and have sought the advice and assistance of a solicitor.  Although we hope this is not the case, sometimes the relationship with your solicitor can be a source of anxiety.  You may lack confidence in the way in which your case is being handled or perhaps feel your solicitor is not ‘on board’ or you simply do not have a good relationship. You do have the option to change.  Whilst we cannot guarantee a different result we can offer a different and refreshing approach.

Changing your solicitor is a relatively straightforward process which should not cause any unnecessary delay.  Provided your solicitor’s fees are paid up to date and there is not an impending court hearing the procedure is simple.  We would meet you for an initial consultation and then liaise with your former solicitor to have your case transferred to us and obtain your file of papers.  Although we are a local firm our client base is international.  We frequently deal with clients who may work away from home during the week or live outside of the local area.

If you feel this applies to you, then make this year count.  You have once chance to get it right and changing your solicitor could be the best change you make.

 Rebecca Tarn, Assistant solicitor, Major Family Law