Read our Surrey Consultant Solicitor, Lewis Hulatt’s, latest blog: I had a pleasant surprise yesterday. I heard the letter box snap and when I went to the front door, instead of an advert for pizza, it was an envelope.   Wedding invitation!  Instead of being tempted by a slice of saturated fats, it was a four month warning of a slight risk of sugary icing. The husband-to-be has not been married before, but like Jack Nicholson in “Something’s Gotta Give” (nod to last week’s Oscars’ theme), he acquires the step-dad role to children old enough to have an opinion.  Children have the knack of popping the balloon of even the ‘coolest’ and accomplished adult: homes up and down the land echo with “Mum, you’re sooo fat!  I can’t believe a moose gave birth to me!” and “Dad – just drive and say nothing to my friends when you pick us up.   Not one word.”  The things we do for love, eh?

That brings me to my original theme for today’s blog: the music round.  Without intent, that paragraph was bookended by songs written by 1970’s art-rock band 10 c.c. although I had only intended to give a passing mention of ‘Under your thumb’ by Godley & Crème (not the Vaccines). The card requested RSVP instead of a Facebook-style “Attending – Not Attending – Interested” even though the guy is an IT project manager.

Family law is the Heathrow of emotional baggage, so it has a lot in common with the arts – Michael Caine (lecturer and poet) in ‘Educating Rita’ explains that his wife had left him so he had ‘something new to write about’.

Almost every songwriter or poet has written about relationships, but I will try to flag up just 5, which is harder than eliminating 29 bunny-boilers on ‘Take Me Out’.

Top Songs for recovering:

You are not going to get Gloria Gaynor, so I nominate The Queen of Starting Over by British R&B legend Beverley Knight.

If you prefer something more manly, why not express it like Freddie on Find Me Somebody to Love by Queen?

Resolve is not enough.  Emotional honesty can help avoid repeating mistakes as evidenced in The First Cut is the Deepest – PP Arnold released it first.

What you must remember is that there is (Something Inside) So Strong as Labi Siffre put it.

Finally, I offer up inspirational anthem to positivity Move On Up by Curtis Mayfield.

Now get on with life.