The young Royals also celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary.

Whereas many choose the traditional route to enter into a legally binding marriage before having a family, a report by the ONS suggested that 60% of all births registered outside marriage or civil partnership each year have been to a cohabiting couple.

This is consistent with increases in the number of couples cohabiting rather than entering into marriage or civil partnership.

But what does this mean if your cohabiting relationship is to break down?

Even though as an unmarried couple you don’t need a solicitor to end your cohabitation status, there are still many areas linked to the relationship break down which may need legal advice and input.

On separation you may still have to organise the arrangements for the children and the financial arrangements – and these matters may be difficult to agree.

Obtaining Legal advice at the outset can help a great deal in providing you with information about the options available. This can assist you in reaching an amicable resolution to the plan for the future arrangements.

If you are living together or considering living together, it is wise to seek appropriate legal advice as soon as possible about your financial circumstances before you proceed to purchase property.