Joanne Major, the North East’s top female divorce specialist at Major Family Law comments it’s been an interesting 2 days in the Supreme Court which has been dealing with a case of a couple who divorced long ago. They have been arguing the merits of their case via their large and learned legal teams.

This is Ms Wyatt’s application to be able to pursue a financial claim against her ex-husband Mr Vince OBE who is now a “green energy tycoon”. At the time of their marriage and divorce neither party had any money. They divorced in Sunderland County Court and parted ways, except for the children, of course.

The legal arguments presented by both parties seem to have force. Mr Vince says that it is an abuse of process for his ex-wife to pursue him for a financial award so long after the relationship breakdown, which took place about 30 years ago. The Court of Appeal agreed with him and struck out her claim. Ms Wyatt says that the Court of Appeal was wrong to do this and that her claim should be reinstated. She says that for a long time she thought they would reconcile and doesn’t agree that the breakdown of the marriage so long ago, despite the decree absolute that dissolved their marriage 20 years ago. However, she also says that as she bought up their son, living “hand to mouth” and that she made contributions that merit a financial award now.

We won’t know the result of this hearing for about 3 months, but we eagerly await the Supreme Court’s analysis.