How do I protect my child during my divorce?

Divorce is difficult for everybody – even the person who applied in the first place. Even if you have fallen out of love with your…

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How do family courts respond to uncooperative parents?

Faced with uncooperative parents, the family courts can apply a range of sanctions, as long as these do not affect the welfare of the couple’s…

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My spouse wants a divorce after decades together

It can be quite a shock. You’ve been with your spouse for ten, fifteen, 20 years, and then one day, they announce, suddenly and perhaps…

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How involved should a step parent be?

Finding yourself in the role of step parent is an increasingly common experience. Divorce and separation are routine: relationships end every day, and most parents…

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How old you have to be to get married in England and Wales?

At the time of writing (August 2022), the answer is 16 – but only in exceptional circumstances, if you have the permission of your parents.…

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Will mediation make my divorce quicker?

The short answer to whether mediation will make your divorce quicker is: ’it might do’. Mediation can help you reach a mutually acceptable divorce settlement…

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Why see a family solicitor?

Family law is a fulfilling career but here at Major Family Law we are always very conscious of one central truth: most of the people…

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Court of Appeal rejects decision in domestic violence case

The Court of Appeal has reinstated findings in a domestic violence case which had been set aside in the lower courts over concerns that an…

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Frequently asked questions about road traffic law

Road traffic legislation has generated more case law than almost any other area of criminal law, probably because it is challenged so often. If you…

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5 more things to remember after drink driving arrest

Number one: instruct, instruct, instruct…. Unless you have provided a specimen so high that you’re in danger of being sent to prison, you will not…

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Five things to remember if you are arrested for drink driving

Tis the season … and now Boris has allowed everyone out to argue with their relatives for five days over the Christmas period, there is…

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Rapid look at remote hearings in the family courts

A two-week consultation into the use of remote hearings in the family courts has delivered mixed results. Conducted at the request of Family Division President…

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