Couples argue over child arrangements

The continuing ‘lockdown’ restrictions in response to the coronavirus pandemic have caused bitter disagreements amongst some families co-parenting children, The Guardian reports. Parents with care…

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Locked-down New Zealand restricts families and couples

New Zealand, currently in the midst of a four-week lockdown in response to the Coronavirus crisis, has issued new guidance legally prohibiting couples and families…

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Our consultant lawyer, Rona Samuel, provides some helpful advice on the impact the COVID-19 lockdown may have on child maintenance: Where are we now with Spousal…

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The effect of lockdown on child arrangements

In what has been a very difficult week for many families, one of the key issues for separated parents has been what effect the government-mandated…

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‘Couples should move in together during virus lockdown’ says government

Couples who have not moved in together should consider doing so during the coronavirus lockdown, the government has suggested. Speaking at yesterday’s coronavirus news conference,…

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How the coronavirus restrictions affect contact

Earlier this week, the government announced a number of new measures in response to the continuing COVID-19 crisis.  This has left many families who co-parent…

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Government: new funding for deprived families

The government has announced £165 million in new funding for the Troubled Families Programme. Launched in 2011 by former Prime Minister David Cameron, the Programme…

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Muslim marriages ‘not legally valid’

Traditional Muslim marriages hold no validity in English law, the Court of Appeal has ruled. Muslim marriages, often referred to by the Arabic term nikah,…

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Family Division President begins ‘transparency review’

Family Division President Sir Andrew McFarlane has launched a new review of ‘transparency’ measures within the family courts. Greater public and media access to family…

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Government announces further divorce centre closures

The government has announced plans to close two further regional divorce courts less than four years after they were opened. ‘Divorce centres’ in Port Talbot,…

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Northern Ireland legalises same sex marriage

Northern Ireland has become the final part of the United Kingdom to legalise same sex marriage. Couples in the Province can now register their intention…

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First female Supreme Court President retires

Lady Hale, the first female President of the Supreme Court, has retired after two years and three months in the role. She has been succeeded…

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