How to give evidence in the family court

A calm and collected approach is best when giving evidence in a family court. You are there to present your side of the story to…

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What is the difference between a family law solicitor and a barrister?

Barristers and solicitors are both lawyers but they specialise in different areas of legal practice. If you contact a law firm seeking advice you will…

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Choosing a lawyer for a Hague Convention child case

What is child abduction? The phrase ‘child abduction’ is conjures up disturbing images of menacing strangers but in reality, such crimes are rare. Children are…

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Senior judges thank the family courts

Acting on behalf of Family Division President Sir Andrew McFarlane, two senior judges have published a thank you to professionals working within the family justice…

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New power for judges to intervene in domestic abuse trials

Judges presiding over domestic abuse trials are to be given new powers to intervene in the conduct of a trial to prevent alleged victims being…

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No fault divorce on the horizon

No fault divorce will become a reality in Britain next year, the government has announced. This major change will be delivered by the Divorce, Dissolution…

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Siblings ‘should be sent back to South Africa with their mother’

The daughters of a divorced couple should return to South Africa with their mother, the High Court has ruled following a lengthy remote hearing. I…

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Rapid look at remote hearings in the family courts

A two-week consultation into the use of remote hearings in the family courts has delivered mixed results. Conducted at the request of Family Division President…

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Shroud of secrecy over fertility clinic application

In an unusual case, the relatives of an unidentified deceased person have applied to the High Court for access to records held by a British…

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Family Division President begins ‘transparency review’

Family Division President Sir Andrew McFarlane has launched a new review of ‘transparency’ measures within the family courts. Greater public and media access to family…

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First female Supreme Court President retires

Lady Hale, the first female President of the Supreme Court, has retired after two years and three months in the role. She has been succeeded…

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Reflections on a decade of change in family law

Today is not only the last day of the year: it is the last day of the decade that began on January 1 2010. Our…

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