Major Family Law has been described by no less a publication than Reader’s Digest as one of the six “top family lawyers in the north of England”.

The legendary magazine – which celebrated its 100th birthday earlier this year – notes quite rightly that:

“When navigating a divorce, it’s important to have the right team on your side.”

Skilled family lawyers help prepare for potential problems before they occur, the article explains, working hard to ensure their clients receive the full and fair settlements to which they are entitled.

Major Family Law, the magazine continues, is:

“…known throughout the country for its dedication to the practice of family law.”

Our divorce service is comprehensive, taking our clients through every stage, from start to finish, including provisions for children. We also help unmarried couples and, the article explains, work with parents affected by international child abduction, when sons or daughters children are taken or retained abroad by the other parent.

Meanwhile, the recent launch of advice site by Major Family Law and its accompanying podcast has been highlighted in the Hexham Courant newspaper. Journalist Rebecca Curry explains that the new website is:

“…an online portal for those who don’t know where to turn to for help and advice when a relationship hits the rocks, and provides access to some of the country’s top experts and lawyers through an extensive and easy-to-search directory of professionals.”

The site provides to some of the most commonly asked questions on divorce and splitting up, she explains, while real world case studies are discussed and analysed by experts in each episode of the Splitting Up podcast.

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