If you are contemplating getting a divorce, you are likely also considering the costs of legally dissolving your marriage. But it is possible to reduce the expense with a fixed fee divorce.

Major Family Law solicitors offer a Fixed Fee Divorce to bring down the costs of a divorce while still representing you in Court.

Fixed fee divorce cost

Major Family Law offer this service for:

£150 + VAT at 20% (£180) + Court Fee of £593 = £773

Who is the fixed fee divorce for?

A fixed fee divorce is suitable for those who have agreed on arrangements for the children and for financial settlement, but would like the reassurance of a family law solicitor handling your divorce on your behalf.

Your solicitor will be on the Court record as acting on your behalf. Furthermore, they will deal with all communications from the Court and the other party.

The Fixed Fee Divorce does not include any complicating factors. For example, problems with the service of the proceedings on the other party.

What is included?

  • A free of charge 45 minutes initial consultation and advice from a specialist family law solicitor
  • Solicitor will complete all necessary paperwork, communicate with the Court and your spouse and progress your divorce through to Decree Absolute on your behalf
  • Solicitor will go on Court record as acting on your behalf
  • Ongoing telephone support where required

What is NOT included?

  • Court fees
  • Financial advice/settlement
  • Advice/assistance in respect of arrangements for the children
  • Additional expenses

The £150 fixed fee divorce quoted is to provide your ‘no fault’ divorce. You must also have jurisdiction to issue divorce proceedings in England and Wales.

Court fees are payable in respect of proceedings, which are outside of the Fixed Fee Divorce.  You will need to provide us with sufficient funds at the start of your case to cover these fees, in addition to our costs. The further Court fees are not included in the stated package price.

Please note that the Court fee may increase in the near future. However, no specific date has yet been decided by His Majesty’s Court Service (HMCTS). Moreover, if the fee does increase, we will need to increase the fixed fee divorce solicitor’s cost proportionately.

If you do not have your original marriage certificate available, we will need to apply for a certified copy to submit to the Court. There is a charge for this (approximately £10.00-£15.00).

If there is any doubt that your spouse has been received (been served with) the divorce papers from the Court, it will be necessary to prove to the Court he/she has received them. If this involves bailiff service and/or an enquiry agent, then you may incur additional costs. Additionally, in such cases, we would advise you at the earliest opportunity of that fact and give you a best estimate of the likely costs.

If you would like more information on our Fixed Fee Divorce, contact us for expert advice and guidance from the North East’s leading divorce solicitors Major Family Law.