In some cases, where there is mutual agreement to separate and where goodwill remains, issues concerning financial matters or arrangements for the children need to be discussed. These matters can be negotiated and agreed at the outset without the need for professional support from family lawyers.

Some of these cases may still require legal support.  For example, a Consent Order where the agreed terms need to be incorporated into an order approved by the court –  or where you require independent support and advice from a lawyer at the time your negotiations have taken place with your spouse directly.

Our family lawyers can provide you with a tailored approach based on your individual circumstances and can offer you advice and support when you require it, charging just for the time they are involved.

Our experience of what is possible and what is normal can be invaluable and sometimes clients are so open-handed in their dealings that they share the advice we have given as a sign of sincerity.  We can support private negotiation and mediation-guided negotiation.

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