Article published in the North East Times

It’s Christmas time again.  There’s a flurry of parties, preparations and present buying and it’s a busy time too for family lawyers like us at Major Family Law.  It is also a time to reflect back on the year and contemplate what 2013 may bring for those involved in family law.

A few changes….

  • Due to government policy public funding will no longer be available for most private law family proceedings from April next year.  There will doubtless be an increase in cases where one or both of the parties represent themselves in a family disputes, causing delay as the courts struggle to cope. Other methods of dispute resolution such as collaborative law, arbitration and mediation are likely to be increasingly used.
  • Changes to the way child maintenance is calculated will come into effect early next year and the government also proposes to charge those who need to use to the CSA to assess and collect child maintenance payments on behalf of a parent caring for children after separation.
  • Child benefit will no longer be available for those families where one parent earns over £60,000 per annum.
  • Alternative business structures, the Co-op for example, are now able to offer legal services, making the legal market more competitive than ever. Pay as you go services, which Major Family Law can offer, along with more attractive fixed fee costs are likely to be more in demand and on offer.

… to name just a few issues  in the changing landscape in family law.

At Major Family Law our team is fully prepared for the new changes the New Year may bring for those needing specialist advice on the issues outlined or any other family matter please contact us on 01661 824582 but  for now,  we wish all our readers a very Happy Christmas.

Written by Anna Hunter, Associate and Collaborative Child lawyer Specialist at Major Family Law, Ponteland, NE20 9SU. T: 01661 82 45 82 W: Twitter@1ANNAHUNTER