Many children not asked how they feel in family disputes

Close to half of children involved in family disputes are never asked how they feel about the situation, or what their wishes might be, according…

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Women’s income falls more than men’s after divorce

Wives are, on average, significantly worse off than men following divorce, according to recent findings. London-based Opinium Research polled a representative sample of 2,750 divorced…

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I am in a new relationship: do I have to reveal details of our financial circumstances

You might do, if your financial needs have significantly changed as a result of your new relationship. Setting up home with a new partner can…

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How do I protect my child during my divorce?

Divorce is difficult for everybody – even the person who applied in the first place. Even if you have fallen out of love with your…

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My spouse wants a divorce after decades together

It can be quite a shock. You’ve been with your spouse for ten, fifteen, 20 years, and then one day, they announce, suddenly and perhaps…

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My Mum wants a divorce but she has memory problems

Yes, there is a lot you can do to help. It’s often a shock to their children and families, but sometimes older people decide to…

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How involved should a step parent be?

Finding yourself in the role of step parent is an increasingly common experience. Divorce and separation are routine: relationships end every day, and most parents…

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New Splitting Up podcast helps people going through divorce

A nationwide new podcast series on how to navigate divorce and separation has been launched in the North East. Each episode of the SplittingUp.com podcast…

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HM Queen Elizabeth II, 1926 2022

Today, like the rest of the world, we are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty was…

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Which country should deal with our divorce?

In most cases the answer will be England – as long as if you lived here before separation and had meaningful links to this country.…

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Divorcing couples to be given three years for asset transfers

New rules set to come into force in April 2023 will mean couples who are divorcing or separating will have three years to distribute assets…

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How are non-matrimonial assets different?

Central to divorce or the dissolution of a civil partnership is the process of dividing up the couple’s money and property. ‘Matrimonial assets’ are jointly-owned…

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