Article from North East Times

“Sometimes we do get taken by surprise. For example, when the Internet came along, we had it
as a fifth or sixth priority.” – Bill Gates

Today almost everyone has access to the internet. The advent of social networking sites has seen
geek become chic. Few of us have not heard of Facebook and Twitter; websites designed to help
people communicate with personal and business contacts.

Many of us are familiar with celebrities using Twitter to raise their profiles and connect with
fans. In the UK Stephen Fry is one of the most popular ‘tweeters’, boasting over two million

The Law profession was criticised by the Law Society for its failure to utilise internet resources,
such as Twitter, as a means of communicating with potential and existing clients.

According to the Law Society Gazette (issue 20, January 2011) over 60 per cent of top-50 law firms
have an account on Twitter but many may be ‘damaging their brand’ by failing to issue any
tweets despite having hundreds of followers.

Major Family Law was guilty of the same crime. Despite having a Twitter account it was not a
priority. Being a new, growing company we were keen to concentrate on our core marketing
activity rather than replacing it with one based solely in the social media space.

Now, however, we feel the time is right to adopt a progressive approach to communicating with
clients and local businesses. Major Family Law has a reputation for being pioneering and innovative,
but we haven’t wanted to cut corners. Social media is instant and may look more relaxed than other
forms of marketing so we are taking it very seriously and hope that we are still communicating
the same brand values that we would through traditional marketing methods.

We now regularly update our Twitter page at So log on to
Twitter and follow us to receive details of our news and family law updates.

And please do listen out at the end of the month to Metro Radio for details of our March
promotion, when we will be ‘tweeting’ our followers to discounted hourly rates for a limited

Written by Rebecca Tarn, Assistant Solicitor of The Specialist Family Law Practice, Major Family Law, Ponteland. T:01661 82 45 82. Twitter: @RebeccaTarn