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Which country should I get divorced in?

Can I divorce get divorced in a different country to where I married or where I live? Yes. Contrary to popular belief, it is not…

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Are pre-civil partnership agreements legally binding?

Pre-civil partnership agreements have the same status in law as pre-nuptial agreements between married couples. In other words, they are not automatically legally binding but…

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Separated but together: life in lockdown with your ex

[three_fourth]As we move into a second national lockdown, spare a thought for people caught in a very modern dilemma: those still living under the same…

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Government urges social distancing at weddings

The government has published new guidance for couples planning to stage “small” weddings or civil partnership ceremonies in England while the pandemic continues. Published by…

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Government brings no fault divorce back to parliament

The government has reintroduced a bill to create “no fault” divorce in England and Wales. The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill was initially brought to…

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Heterosexual civil partnerships: the other side of equality

Earlier this month a door that has long been closed was finally opened: heterosexual couples can now enter civil partnerships as an alternative to marriage…

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A few thoughts on cohabitation

Not so long ago, cohabitation was a rarity. It was taken for granted that a committed couple would marry and a whole system of divorce…

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Texas man seeks review of spousal support

A 56 year-old man from Willis in south-eastern Texas is seeking to overturn a court order requiring him to pay his former wife $3,000 a…

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