The legal status of fatherhood

There are many differences between motherhood and fatherhood, but the biggest and most significant occurs on the day of the birth. Motherhood is certain: there…

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How do I persuade my ex to let me take the children on holiday?

You do so via negotiation and bridge-building, whenever possible. Holidays can be a flashpoint when a couple divorce or separate, especially if they have not…

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Legal questions and answers

Is there a minimum age for a child’s wishes to be considered in a family law case? As a practising family lawyer, I am often…

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Video-calling your kids after divorce

When parents separate or get divorced, the children will often live with one parent on a day-to-day basis – the so-called ‘resident parent’. But most…

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Choosing a lawyer for a Hague Convention child case

What is child abduction? The phrase ‘child abduction’ is conjures up disturbing images of menacing strangers but in reality, such crimes are rare. Children are…

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Moving abroad with your child after divorce: the law

The world became a smaller place when international travel became affordable for most people. Romance and marriage soon followed and multinational couples are now relatively…

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Coping with a Covid Christmas as a separated parent

Christmas is suddenly just around the corner. For intact families, the festive season means a day or two of slightly forced family-focused fun and a…

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Courts to consider naming biological father of adopted girl

The family court should consider whether or not to name the biological father of a girl adopted in 2016, a Judge has declared. The child…

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Seeing your children during the second lockdown

Lockdown 2 has arrived. In response to a second wave of infections, non-essential shops, hospitality and entertainment venues have all been closed and restrictions placed…

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2020 meets Halloween

The nights are drawing in. After the strangest of summers, we are hurrying through autumn and it will soon be Halloween. In any other year…

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Dispute between Polish parents sent back to the High Court

A multinational dispute between the parents of a seven year-old boy has been sent back to the High Court for a rehearing. In S (A…

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Siblings ‘should be sent back to South Africa with their mother’

The daughters of a divorced couple should return to South Africa with their mother, the High Court has ruled following a lengthy remote hearing. I…

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