President of the Family Division

Rapid look at remote hearings in the family courts

A two-week consultation into the use of remote hearings in the family courts has delivered mixed results. Conducted at the request of Family Division President…

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Return order application ‘must wait’, High Court rules

The English Courts cannot order the return of a boy to the UK until the case has been properly considered in Greece, a High Court…

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Locked-down New Zealand restricts families and couples

New Zealand, currently in the midst of a four-week lockdown in response to the Coronavirus crisis, has issued new guidance legally prohibiting couples and families…

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Family Division President begins ‘transparency review’

Family Division President Sir Andrew McFarlane has launched a new review of ‘transparency’ measures within the family courts. Greater public and media access to family…

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Government announces further divorce centre closures

The government has announced plans to close two further regional divorce courts less than four years after they were opened. ‘Divorce centres’ in Port Talbot,…

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Calls on lawyers to help unrepresented litigants

Britain’s most senior family law judge has called on lawyers to help fund a struggling legal charity. Sir Andrew McFarlane, President of the Family Division…

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President of the Family Division defines ‘mother’ in court

The President of the Family Division has legally defined the role of mother for the first time, in a case concerning a transgender man. Guardian…

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Retired senior family court judge considers austerity

The former President of the Family Division lamented the current state of the family courts in a recent speech. The Family Division is one of…

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